Why don't you hack the LinkStation/KURO-BOX

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The purpose of this page is make a home server by hacking the Linkstation series and the KURO-BOX.

What's the LinkStation

I installed Vine to the LinkStation, and currently I have a domain name server (bind), a mail server (sendmail/qpopper), a web server (apache), a DHCP server (ISC dhcpd) and a file server(samba) are runninng on it.
It is cheap, silent, has low power consumption and is small compared with a PC.

taken on Nov. 18, 2004.

From the left, ADSL modem, broadband router, AirStation, spare broadband router,
LinkStation HD-H120LAN (server for outside) with USB memory, LinkStation HD-HG120LAN (server for home), HD-120LAN V1, KURO-BOX, KURO-BOX/HG and LinkStation HD-120LAN V2(Limited edition).

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Analysis result

Hardware 25, Feb. 2005
Flash Memory 15, Oct. 2004
LED 15, Oct. 2004
Boot 25, Oct. 2004
AVR Commands 25, Oct. 2004


Some security holes that existed in the old firmware are now fixed. I recommend you to update to the newest firmware.
For example, KURO-BOX firmware Ver. 1.01 and earlier allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code.
Buffalo know that. But you can download the firmware(with security hole) from http://www.revogear.com/downloads.html as of Oct. 31, 2004

"The Kuro Box is built using 100% Open Source software."
Buffalo does NOT open the source code of ppc_uartd and apservd.


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