Debian ?


dpkg / apt が使われていることは既知だが、、、


root@LS-VL815:~# cat /etc/debian_version

apt line

root@LS-VL815:~# cat /etc/apt/sources.list
deb buffalo-marvell-armel-sdk2p0 main
もちろん にはつながらない。
ファームのアップデートも apt でやればいいのに、、、


root@LS-VL815:~# dpkg -l
| Status=Not/Installed/Config-files/Unpacked/Failed-config/Half-installed
|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)
||/ Name           Version        Description
ii  apt     This is a dpkg, package manager.
ii  archive-tar    1.40
ii  authen-pam     0.16
ii  bind-tools     9.4.2-P1       bind tools: dig, nslookup, host, nsupdate
ii  bittorrent     3.00-19102     bittorrent modules
ii  buffalo-app-do 1.00           buffalo-app-downloader
ii  buffalo-bootse 1.0.0          This is a buffalo-bootserver.
ii  buffalo-info-c 1.00           This is a Buffalo LinkStation Series Info Co
ii  buffalo-nas-hd 1.00           This is a hdd-rootfs for buffalo nas product
ii  buffalo-nas-ke 1.00           This is a kernel modules for buffalo nas pro
ii  buffalo-nas-on 1.00           replication tool!
ii  buffalo-nas-re 1.37-2.11      This is a buffalo version header for hdd roo
ii  buffalo-web-us 0.00           This is a buffalo web-UI 2.0!!!
ii  buffalo-webui  1.00           This is a buffalo-webui module.
ii  busybox-initon 1.15.3
ii  bzip2          2
ii  cgi            3.29
ii  cgi-session    4.41
ii  chariot        2.00_20090216  chariot_2.00
ii  compress-raw-b 2
ii  compress-raw-z 2.020
ii  cracklib       2.8.13
ii  crypt-ssleay   0.57
ii  curl           7.19.6
ii  daemonize      1.5.2          This is a daemonize utility.
ii  db             4.2.52         This is a database utility(BerkeleyDB-4.2)
ii  delusraxs      1.0.0          delusraxs
ii  device-mapper  1.02.24        This is a device-mapper driver.
ii  dhcpcd         1.3.22-pl4     This is a dhcp client daemon.
ii  dosfstools     2.11           DOS filesystem tools - provides mkdosfs, mkf
ii  dpkg           1.13           This is a dpkg, package manager.
ii  e2fsprogs      1.40.5         This is a ext2, ext3 fs handling utility.
ii  eaccelerator
ii  epeg 
ii  expat          2.0.1
ii  extutils-cbuil 0.23
ii  extutils-parse 2.19
ii  file           4.23
ii  findutils      4.1.7          This is the findutils.
ii  freetype       2.3.9
ii  gd             2.0.35
ii  gdbm           1.8.3          This is a gdbm, Gnu DataBase Manager
ii  gmp            4.3.1          gmp. libraries for openswan.
ii  gnu-gs-fonts-s 8.11
ii  gphoto2        2.2.0          This is a gphoto2, need to support pptp devi
ii  html-parser    3.62
ii  html-tagset    3.20
ii  html-tree      3.23
ii  htop           0.8.1
ii  hyperestraier  1.1.5          This is a hyperestraier, used for create sea
ii  imagemagick
ii  inotify-tools  3.13
ii  io-compress    2.020
ii  io-multiplex   1.09
ii  io-string      1.08
ii  io-zlib        1.09
ii  iproute2       2.6.22-070710  iproute utility.
ii  jcode          2.06
ii  jpeg           6
ii  jpegsrc        v6b            This is a jpeg utility.
ii  json           2.15
ii  krb5           1.4.3          This is a krb5 libraries.
ii  lcms           1.18           A lightweight, speed optimized color managem
ii  libexif        0.6.17
ii  libgcrypt      1.4.4
ii  libgpg-error   1.7
ii  libgphoto2     2.2.1          This is a libgphoto2, gphoto2 library.
ii  libhttpd       1.4.19         This is a lighttpd.
ii  libiconv       1.10           This is a libiconv libraries.
ii  libid3tag      0.15.1b        This is a libid3tag, need to handle mp3's id
ii  libmcrypt      2.5.8
ii  libnet         1.22
ii  libol          0.3.18         This is a libol libraries.
ii  libomronups    0.1            nut : omron usb driver.
ii  libpcre        7.9
ii  libperl        5.8.8
ii  libpng         1.2.37
ii  libtool        1.5.26
ii  libusb         0.1.12         This is a libusb, handle a usb transaction f
ii  libwww-perl    5.805
ii  libxml2        2
ii  libxslt        1.1.24
ii  lighttpd       1.4.23
ii  linux-pam       This is a Password Authentication Module.
ii  logrotate      3.7.1-2        This is a logrotate utilities.
ii  lprmd          1.00           lprmd command
ii  lprng          3.8.A-1        This is a LPRng daemon.
ii  ls-sonar-lsprc 1.00           This is a ls_sonar_lsprcvd.
ii  lsof           4.81
ii  mail-notificat 1.00           This is a mail_notification module.
ii  marvell-sdk2.0 1.00           This is a rootfs, constructed by marvell sdk
ii  marvell-tools  1.00           Marvell debug tools, include mv_eth_tool etc
ii  mdadm          3.1.2
ii  mdnsresponder  107.6          This is a mDNSResponder, bonjour module.
ii  module-build   0.28.08
ii  module-init-to 3.2.2          This is a module-init-tools, kernel module c
ii  mt-daapd       1586           This is a mt-daapd, it's a itune server.
ii  mtd-utils      1.0.1          mtd-utils. This package doesn't have mkfs.jf
ii  mysql          5.0.70
ii  nas-feature-ut 2.0.0          This is a nas-feature-utils.
ii  nas-fw-arm     1.00           This is a buffalo nas firmware base package.
ii  ncurses        5.6
ii  net-server     0.97
ii  netatalk       2.0.3-cjk6     This is a netatalk utility.
ii  nkf            2.1.1-20100115 This is a nkf utility.
ii  nrtools        20100204       nrtool
ii  ntp            4.2.0a         Network Time Protocol suite/programs
ii  ntpclient      1.00           This is a ntpclient utility.
ii  nut            2.4.3          nut : Network Ups Tool
ii  omronupsopener 1.0            This is a omronupsd.
ii  openldap       2.3.11         This is a openldap utility.
ii  openssh        3.7.1p2        This is a openssh utility.
ii  openssl        0.9.8i         This is a openssl utility.
ii  openswan       2.6.21         openswan
ii  package-consta 0.01
ii  pam-smb        1.1.7          This is a pam_smb_auth liblary.
ii  parted         1.8.8          This is a parted, block device partitioning
ii  perl           5.8.8
ii  php            5.2.10
ii  phpmyadmin     3.2.2
ii  popt           1.10.4         This is a popt utility.
ii  ppp            2.4.4          ppp
ii  proftpd        1.3.0          This is a proftpd, ftp service daemon.
ii  psmisc         22.6
ii  python         2.6.2
ii  qdbm           1.8.46         This is a qdbm, quickly database management
ii  readline       5.2
ii  rpc-xml        0.59
ii  rsfwd          20050509       rsfwdc, rsfwds
ii  rsync          3.0.3-0.01     This is a rsync, buckup utility.
ii  ruby           1.8.7
ii  samba          3.0.30         This is a SMB & NMB server daemon.
ii  scalar-list-ut 1.19
ii  sg3_utils      1.25           Apps for querying the sg SCSI interface
ii  shadow
ii  sleeptimer     1.00           This is a SleepTimer module.
ii  smartmontools  5.37           This is a smartmontools, smart control utili
ii  speedycgi      2.22
ii  sqlite         2.8.16
ii  sqlite3
ii  ssmtp          2.61           Extremely simple MTA to get mail off the sys
ii  strace         4.5.15         This is a strace, system call trace utility.
ii  sysklogd       1.5            This is a sysklogd, system logging daemon.
ii  t1lib          1
ii  tar            0.18           This is a tar, archiver utility.
ii  tiff           3.8.2
ii  tmail        This is a tmail package.
ii  twonky         2.00-20081209  Twonky!!!
ii  tzdata         2009t          zoneinfo files.
ii  udev           124
ii  unzip          5.52           This is a unzip, extract file zip format com
ii  uri            1.38
ii  vim            7.2.182
ii  webaccess-mobi beta18
ii  webaxs3        3.1            WebAxs 3
ii  wget           1.11.4         wget-1.11.4
ii  xfsprogs       2.9.4          This is a xfsprogs utility.
ii  xl2tpd         1.2.4          xl2tpd
ii  xml-libxml     1.66
ii  xml-libxml-com 0.13
ii  xml-namespaces 1.09
ii  xml-parser     2.36
ii  xml-sax        0.16
ii  yaml           0.68
ii  zlib           1.2.3          This is a zlib utility.
ヒョッとして、Debian のパッケージをそのまま使ってる?

と思ったのだが、Description がだいぶん違う。
例えば、apt を例に取れば、
LinkStation は

root@LS-VL815:~# dpkg -l apt
| Status=Not/Installed/Config-files/Unpacked/Failed-config/Half-installed
|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)
||/ Name           Version        Description
ii  apt     This is a dpkg, package manager.
Debian は
yasunari@sil:~$ dpkg -l apt
| Status=Not/Inst/Cfg-files/Unpacked/Failed-cfg/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend
|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)
||/ Name           Version        Description
ii  apt   Advanced front-end for dpkg

status も見てみた。

root@LS-VL815:~# dpkg -s apt
Package: apt
Status: install ok installed
Priority: required
Section: admin
Installed-Size: 2929194
Maintainer: y-hara@dev-hara
Architecture: arm
Depends: dpkg (>= 1.13)
Description: This is a dpkg, package manager.
 Downloaded from
etch ベースか。 上記 "Debian" は lenny。うちに etch マシンはもう無いので、 比べられない、、、

使えるものは、Debian をそのまま使えばいいのに。。
そうなれば、いよいよ Linux Box だけど。



LinkStation/玄箱 をハックしよう

nas_feature の復元

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