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記事番号 【No.6256】
投稿者: BabaPena
投稿日時: 14/11/02(日) 01:15:42
タイトル: Re: TO BabaPena
コメント: Thanks for your reply!
I have no comment about the errors you’ve mentioned, because I’ve never experienced such.
I’m guessing that there’s probably some sort of error on menuconfig level.
As for the endless restarting I did mention in my previous post that I’m sure it does exist
for all Marvell network adapter devices, even for those that by default are supported by
Mainline Kernel. Error messages begin to pile up a few minutes after the restart of the
device and for 24 hours they reach 850+ lines within dmseg. This can be easily seen without
serial access even if Webmin is not installed in the terminal with the command:
dmesg | grep -i eth0 (or eth1) . The problem shouldn’t be underestimated, because due to that
CPU time is being taken and the logs of all installed applications which are monitoring
the network begin to fill up with unnecessary trash.




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